For 4 years now I’ve been blogging about how I constantly get being a mum wrong and letting you know about the mistakes and stupid stuff my daughter and I get up to. It has always served as a bit of therapy and of course you lovely people have helped me out no end with suggestions about how to tackle a problem or recounting stories of when you’ve failed too! I don’t get paid to do it and never expected to, I just wanted to feel like I wasn’t going on the roller coaster of motherhood alone….
Until now that is, turns out the lovely people at Snows Toyota have been following my badmum blog and have come to the somewhat surprising decision to offer me a car for a couple of weeks and see how badmum gets on…..
Challenge accepted!
What challenge you ask? The challenge all mothers face…. How do I get through a journey without spillage, breakage or any other ‘age that often results in a random Strawberry Bon bons being stuck to my backside all day without my knowledge or agreement….yeah, you know it, that kind of thing. 

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