It’s been one of my most testing weeks of my two years of motherhood, my little one has what I thought was a cold, but after seeing the dr while picking up a prescription, turns out she has a chest infection. The rule book has gone out the window.
My little girl gets frustrated when she can’t tell me what she wants and I get frustrated when she can’t tell me what she wants. There’s no logic with a 21 month old, she won’t take her medicine even though I’ve talked to her for hours about the health benefits.
She doesn’t want to eat….anything. Yesterday she managed to get 4 spoons of weetabix, half a carrot and 3 peas down. I’m pretty strict with her and only let her have chocolate once a week normally, so it goes against the grain to be told to let her have WHATEVER she wants. Horlicks in her milk, ice cream, sweets and tonight’s request, toast with jam and beans on top are all allowed for now. I don’t think it’s going to go down very well when we go back to all those normal dinners?!


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