As a parent it’s my role to be pushy isn’t it? A bit? Just a little? 
Today was like any other Friday swimming lesson, we’ve been going for 8 months and my 3 year old loves it. Sometimes she puts in more effort than others and needs a word in her ear, but on the whole she gets on with it and enjoys herself.
Today, you couldn’t stop her, nailing every stroke and then something amazing, she was swimming on her own and actually getting somewhere. 
She’s already got her 10m so the instructor asked me if she would like to go for her 15m badge. Before I’d even thought about it the words “well, she might as well go for 25 then?!” were out of my mouth and my little girl was going for it. 
Should I have shut up? Was I right to push it? Who knows? But it felt good.
Super super proud of my girl! She got her badge and her certificate and walked out proud as punch. Maybe she’s been inspired by the olympics, can’t wait to see what she does at gymnastics next week? 
Nb. Apart from anything else, this means I only had to pay for one badge not two for 15 and 25, they’re £3 each! I’m not made of money y’know!
Please please please don’t become a swimmer Lois, I don’t think I could cope with anymore than half an hour per week poolside and the ultra early training sessions! 

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