It makes me a bit queasy talking about these things, so I thought I’d blog it and see what you lovely people’s views are.
She hasn’t even started school yet and I’m worried about what might come home. I heard from a mate this week that her 6 year old has worms! Worms? Worms? I haven’t heard of worms since my mum asked if I had it cos of the amount I was eating,I didn’t realise it was an actual thing. 
So you pick up your little un from the gates and get informed that horrible bug is with your child, what do you do? Straight home and under quarantine for about 4 years? Do the the scientists turn up at your home, like in E.T. And tape off your house? Do you mention it to anyone else? I’m sure it’s a taboo subject and no one wants to talk about it, Christ, I don’t even want to think about it. 
So, in preparation for September, has anyone had any experience of this? 

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  1. Mel
    Mel says:

    This is quite common, you can get some oral medication from the chemist. You should probably treat the whole family especially if you share towels and the such. I have 4 kids but only one of them ever had worms, it seemed to be a common occurrence with her too. I put it down to her being a thumb sucker ( none of the others were ) and so was constantly putting her hands in her mouth. Basically just getting your child to make sure they wash their hands regularly helps and not scratch their bottoms.


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