I remember a time in the distant past when I used to have two working arms. I remember a time when I could move my feet freely around the kitchen. But now one of my limbs is constantly out of use for anything other than carrying my 15 month old daughter. What’s the equivalent of tennis elbow? Mothers shoulder? Baby holding bicep? Or bubba back? I’m sure I’ve got all three!
Yep my little un wants to be carried all the time, apart from, and this is guaranteed, when I take her on her first flight this week. Oh yeah, she won’t want to be anywhere near me then, not when she has to be strapped to me. I’m currently taking things out of my bag so I can fit all the distraction toys in that I want to take for her. Drinks, etch-a-sketch, colouring books, iPads, music, films, books, teddies, toy phones and food. Anything else you can suggest? I have a feeling that it’s going to be a very long hour in the air!


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