Babies are way more intelligent than we give them credit for. Take my 6 month old daughter for instance. She has a sixth sense about when I need to do something on my own. If I get in the shower, she’s fine until I start to wash hair, with a head full of soap suds my little angel decides to scream.

That’s not the only thing my little girl has a connection to though. There must be an actual line from the break pedal in the car, to her cry reflex. I know that noise is coming as soon as I see the red stop light at a junction. In congestion, I’d rather go at 2 miles an hour than start stop.

How does she know, after an hours sleep with no sign of stirring, that I have just made my favourite curry dinner that I’ve thought about all day, to let outa cry that pierces your eardrums. I know I put on a bit of weight when I was pregnant and I’ve got a couple of stone to lose, but she could let me eat, couldn’t she?!

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