After struggling to do home school with my daughter, I wanted/needed something to take the pressure off and help her to learn.
After a nervous shy start she’s now well into it. The programme coving English and maths is intelligent and changes as you go along, working out where the gaps are in learning, how long the child’s attention span is and when in the day they concentrate most.This is really important for retention, if they’re not concentrating the information goes in one ear and out of the other. I know this to be true, I know what I’m like in the evening after a tough day, I don’t have any bandwidth left in my brain (Especially after I’ve opened a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc)

Simon who talked me through the programme gave me a very important tip, keep the child drinking, it keeps them on the go, makes them get up to go to the toilet and keeps things moving.

My 8 year old took an assessment to find out where she is with her schooling, I thought that she was quite switched on but was shown the gaps in her learning going back 3 years. These may have been missed through the lockdown or just forgotten about but I feel it’s good to go back over them, you can never know too much huh?!

We were called by our dedicated tutor who is on hand whenever you or your child comes up against an obstacle. Harsh was brilliant and talked us through all of the things she would be doing and how to get the most out of the programme. He’s wonderful with my daughter too and I’d have no problem with her calling him for help. The tutors are even on hand at the weekends, bless them they don’t even get a lie in.

When we ran through the programme on the laptop, she lit up especially when she realised that she would receive points that would go to rewards. Becoming a game to collect points and the additional incentive of a Smiggle voucher meant that she wanted to fire through the tests and projects. In her first session she got through 8 of the tasks, she has 10 maths tasks and 10 English tasks to work through each week, and really enjoyed it.

The first week has gone really well, she’s got all the tasks completed and played some extra games, created an avatar and built up lots of points, she’s pleased with herself and I’m loving that it’s something that she’s learning on the the laptop and it’s not YouTube.

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