Stickers, the bane of my life, I find the little blighters everywhere because I have a little girl who loves the things. Never content with a picture of her favourite Disney Princess, we have to get the ones that will cling to any piece of furniture too. As I take the washing from the machine, they all fall out like flipping confetti.

My heart skipped a beat a couple of days ago when my 3 year old daughter, Lois, shouted up the stairs “Mummy I’ve put the trolls stickers on the ….” The what? The fire? The dog? The postman? So far this week I have found a unicorn stuck to the bath, A minion on my leg and a Shrek on the loo. And never forgetting the ones that have become a story to be told on her 18th birthday, the array of Anna’s and Elsa’s that I found glued to the bonnet of my car! I’m sure it won’t affect the price if I decide to sell my Nissan on, I just need to find a family that are mad into Disney’s Frozen.

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