Oh my goodness, this schools thing is an absolute mine field! There are 3 that I’d like to visit before my baby girl starts next September, but even going to see them throws up issues. Being a solo mum with a full time job as a radio presenter on the Heart breakfast show means I’ll never be able to make any of the tours in the morning, but then there are afternoon “Guided tours” but I’ve already paid for her to be at either Gymtots, childcare or swimming on those days and I’d rather not lose all my hard earned just to have a rugrat snapping at my heels, screaming “mummy, put me upside down!” as I try to look round a classroom. 
So I’ve decided to go alone, yep I’m leaving my girl out of the decision making for now, otherwise I know how it’ll end, with her choosing to go to the school that has most sparkly things. I’ll let you know how I get on. 

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