Tomorrow is World book day, our school didn’t dress up last year and I felt like they missed out a bit, but now I’m thinking it was great cos it took all of the stress away.

You know how it goes, the email comes out from the school , everyone goes crazy for a couple of days talking about the outfit their kid will wear this year and then nothing until 3 days before when the panic really sets in.

My take is look through the clothes we’ve already got and see what fits a book, that’s the way it should be huh?! I’m not one of those parents who are absolutely amazing at putting these things together, like the ones who made the model of the London eye where as I stuck some sand to a picture of pyramid for their super structures homework. Equally I don’t really want to spend £20 on a fancy dress costume that will be worn for 1 day then thrown in the back of a wardrobe only to be found when it’s 3 sizes too small.

There may be a couple of suggestions that I would consider. My little girl Lois had a great one, Lois going as Lois cos she has a personalised book! Well she is then a character from a book! Or how about sending children to school, just for that day, in their pyjamas, they can be cosy in their onesies and read all day cos bedtime stories are the best!

Any other ideas?

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