I don’t tend to get embarrassed, but I had a right nightmare last weekend. I was taking my three-year-old daughter to her little mate’s party. To celebrate, she’d chosen to wear a flouncy tutu and sparkly shoes, so off we trotted to the venue. We opened the door to find a DJ playing lots of the kids’ favourite tunes and a dance floor covered in disco lights. Lois thought it looked great so she gave me her coat and went off to play with all the other princesses. I took a seat and started to scan the room for my friends’ faces. And I kept on scanning. After scanning some more, it dawned on me that I knew absolutely no one at the do.
My heart sank as I realised that we had
gate crashed a four-year-old’s party, when a lady approached me who was quite obviously the birthday girl’s mum. Rightly so, she was wondering who on earth I was!
Before she could say a word, in an embarrassed state, I explained that I had got the wrong venue and quickly tried to leave without making a scene, grabbing Lois and her coat, as we walked out of the venue. We found the correct place in the end, but even that didn’t go well. I didn’t know that the venue had two halls, so we crashed through the door of one, only to walk straight into an antenatal class! Luckily my little one is too young to realise just how embarrassing her mum is, but I’m sure she will understand very soon.

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