I can’t really believe that even before my daughter is 4, we are already in a birthday party war. The competition is real. You can’t let your little darling down by just giving them a birthday tea with a couple of mates, who they will row with over a My Little Pony anyway. Oh no, we’re going all out now. Spend less than hundreds of pounds and prepare to feel judged to be the worst mother ever. A shop-bought cake will be frowned upon, but you haven’t tasted anything I’ve cooked myself and I would rather not have 25 kids with food poisoning. If I’m honest, I feel quite posh booking a hall and an entertainer, real “keeping up with the jones’” stuff, but I know people who would book an actual castle and Mr Tumble if available. 
 I’ve made a list of all the food to get, just sausage rolls and party rings, then I heard a suggestion that I should cater for the adults too, you’re kidding right? They can scoff a jam sandwich if there’s any left. And of course you can’t leave without a party bag, a slice of cake and a bottle of bubbles in my day, now resembling an Oscars goodie bag, with a personal shopping trip and a holiday to the Caribbean included. I’m just trying to make it the best party in the world.
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  1. Suzannah Green
    Suzannah Green says:

    This is so blooming true! We didn’t do one this year and a) I felt terrible for it, b) I got asked by people why I wasn’t doing one! This year we opted to go Thomas Land with an overnight stay with breakfast and entry to the park for less than half the price of the cost of the party we did last year! Which she won’t remember anyway!

  2. enjoymyfamilylife
    enjoymyfamilylife says:

    With three boys Birthday parties are the bane of my life. They are just so much hassle, involve so much organising and are so expensive. All of these little people running around, screaming, high on sugar, causing chaos is my idea of hell yet still do it to keep the little people happy x


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