I know it feels like day 5 million and 22 of the summer holidays, but keep going, we’re halfway and you haven’t dropped the ball yet! Well done you! You’ve got this!

Yes you may have taken them to the wrong childcare venue on the very first day (no? just me then) and you may have spent more than Boris promised for Brexit on them picking up germs from the various soft play centres you’ve endured because of the weather. But you’ve got this!

You may have lost your mind and thought you heard someone say “mummy” in the middle of the night when there was no one around because you heard it 20 thousand times in the day. But you’ve got this!

You may, like me, have banned slime from the house and put it straight in the bin as soon as you’ve got out of the car, rather than use a whole bottle of carpet cleaner trying to get that purple shit out of your living room rug. But you’ve got this!

The binmen May have thought you’d had a party on Saturday attended by 1000 people judging by the fullness of your bottle bank. But you’ve got this!

Remember that in a couple of weeks, your little darling (that feels like it’s their job to annoy you in the 6 week break) will be going back to school, new classroom, new teacher, all smart in their new uniform and you will watch with pride and a tear in your eye. But, you’ve got this!

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