As a treat last night we decided not to read a bedtime story, instead my 6 year old daughter would make one up to tell me, it was a masterpiece and went like this…….

Once upon a time there was a Merbaby (LOL doll) and she had an invitation to a party in a castle, so she put on her best clothes and some lipstick and went along. There was Lil Soul Baby, Oops Baby, Daring Diva and Surfer Babe (LOL dolls) all dancing at the party, when suddenly there was storm and Jesus came in (Yes the messiah) And he said you must drink my blood and then he went and walked on water. Oh and he said “I’ll die around Easter”

Now I can’t fault her she’s factually correct, but I just didn’t expect him to pop up in this story with expensive pieces of plastic! But she gave me some dirty looks for cracking up anyway.

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