Lois was due to have her 3 year old jabs this week. Appointment made I then agonised over whether to say something about it to her or keep schtum. If I tell her, will she have nightmares and wake up screaming about needles? But if I leave it, will she hate me forever for giving her the lovely surprise of injections from the nurse. 
It didn’t matter with the last lot, she was only a baby, but this girl is ‘switched on’ not a lot gets past her. So I gave her a little heads up the bedtime before, letting her know that we would go to the doctors and there would be a scratch on her arm that would stop her getting poorly.”I be ok.” Bonus I thought. 
In the car on the way she clicked straight away that it was what we had spoken about the previous evening and the tears started rolling down her cheeks. How bad did I feel? Had I scared the wits out of her? Was I putting on too much of a brave face? Did she think I was enjoying it? 
Trying to get her into the surgery was a bit of a mission, she knew what was coming, but I had Merida doll, from Disney’s Brave (very apt I thought and it’s her favourite film) to coax her in. 
Armed with the doll, party rings and the Paw Patrol app on my phone we went to the waiting room. We were called in and I’m still in shock about it, forget having to hold her down, she stopped crying completely and didn’t make a sound when that needle went in. A second one in the other arm, not even a peep! That’s my girl! So proud, but I still don’t know whether I should have said anything?  

Illustration by SiouxiqDesign 

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  1. Vicky edwards
    Vicky edwards says:

    My daughter is due these set of jabs too and even though lois had a little melt down I think I am going to still tell my daughter. My train of thought is this.. By telling her the night before you prepare yourself as well as her. She will always know that mummy will tell her the truth and that we can talk about anything. Even though I would have done the same as you, took her Disney princess (belle) with a treat of some kind, I would have been screaming inside.. It’s ok you don’t have to, I don’t want you to, whilst remaining calm on the outside trying my hardest to coax her in to be jabbed. So yeah by telling her you prepre you both for something that may well be unpleasant.

    • badmum2013
      badmum2013 says:

      That’s a great way to see it. I always tell her if there’s something to look forward to, so yeah I should be upfront about these things too. Good luck with it all xx


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