I’m really quite nervous about something that’s happening in a couple of days. I feel like a pushy parent sending their kid to an audition, but in actual fact, I’m taking my little girl to see the health visitor for her two-year checks. They just want to make sure that she’s developing at the correct rate, talking and walking as she should and things like that. I’m so worried about it that we’ve been doing rehearsals. I shouldn’t worry because she does everything she should at her age, but I want to make sure that she does it all at the appointment. I’ve been training her by playing a bit of Scrabble, but at the moment she can’t think of a word that’s more than six letters. Having said that, Lois has nailed a full Janet Jackson dance routine and got her grade six violin certificate. I just know that on the day, my daughter will refuse to do anything and won’t perform on command! 

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  1. Organizing Chic[k]
    Organizing Chic[k] says:

    I feel the same way when taking my daughter toher appointments! And most of the time, she doesn’t do what the doctor asks her to because she is shy :/ But I think you are relxed she will feel relaxed and she will be herself and that will show the doctor all of her wonderful traits and accomplished milestones!


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