Last Saturday I was on a packed beach, everyone it seems had the same idea as me and went to the seaside for the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the atmosphere that comes with a lot of people grouped together, but it can get very embarrassing. I had taken my little un down to the water and was running back up the beach chasing her as she giggled away. I hit uneven ground and before I knew it was face planting the sand. On it’s own, not too bad an event to get over, but when your mates start clapping and everyone around them joins in, I just wanted to run back into the sea.
Clapping is a weird thing, it can make you feel really great or really bad. For instance, Claire got a round of applause after chasing a dog all the way around a park trying to retrieve her daughter’s doll from it’s mouth. Good. Nick managed to throw his banana skin in the office bin without having to get up from his seat. Good. But an example of when you would rather not get a clap, Lisa took seven goes at getting into a parking space outside the Co-op and got applause from everyone at the till

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