In the news this week we found out that nearly a third of under 5’s have their own tablet computer. It pains me to hear this, but it’s just the modern world. My daughter is now two and a half and has been well versed on my IPad for ages. When she was just one, she could get to whichever app she wanted to play with no problem at all and sit for ages playing painting with Sooty. She knows how to Skype my parents, how amazing is that? I’ve read countless articles about restricting your little one’s screen time, but you try stopping them. If we’re out for dinner and Lois is fidgeting at the table I’m afraid it’s just easier to give her my phone she can play Polly Parrot on the Peppa Pig app. At home, we’ve had actual rows about who’s going on my IPad, I want to do my banking, my little dink wants to play angry birds, which she’s rubbish at by the way, or go on YouTube to watch hundreds of Kinder eggs being opened, what is that all about? So, I may join these parents who’ve bought a tablet for their little darling, but not because I think she should have one, but because it means I can have mine back with no sticky finger marks on it. Let’s be honest, there’s no real need to be affronted by this, parents have sat children in front of the TV for years, just so they can have a little break.  

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