Don’t toddlers get attached to the strangest things? Most of us have a fond memory of our favourite teddy bear from our childhood and may even still possess him, but I’m not talking about those little cute cuddle-makers. Let me tell you about my friend’s little girl who is eighteen months old and her obsession with her dad’s pants! She loves them. 
When they’re drying on the radiator, they won’t be left for more than a couple of minutes before she’s scooped them up and given them a big hug. She carries them wherever she goes, even out of the house. They go with her to the shops, to the park and even on a trip to the dentist, but her favourite thing is to put them on – at least three pairs of jockey shorts – and wear them around the house so she looks like a boxer from the 1920s.
When my little one was younger, she loved holding on to a kid’s coat hanger. I have no idea why. She just loved it, waving it at people that we passed on the street from her buggy. The best story came from Amy, one of our Heart Breakfast listeners, whose three-year-old boy has a full collection of Ikea washing-up brushes because he loves them so much. His mum has had to put a time limit on him choosing which colour to take out.

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