For more years than I care to let you know about, my birthday has been about 1 thing, me! On my 10th, my 20th and my 30th that one day of the year revolved around moi. Out for lunches and dinners, cards and presents flying around, I was in my element. 
This year is a little different. my girl is now 3 1/2 and I didn’t realise how much she ruled my world until she started begging me for a Halloween party and I agreed to have it ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! I know nuts huh?! It sounded like a good idea at the time, in half term so we could have all her little mates round and don’t forget, it makes my life a whole lot easier if she has a smile on her face, “if the kids are happy we’re happy!” I also used it as bribery for her, to go to bed at a reasonable hour, to eat just one more carrot and to get out of Toys R Us without buying anything, for two months. 
But this has got out of hand and we now have 25 little people coming to my house on the anniversary of my birth and I know they won’t bring a bottle of booze, I will be stressing over who wants frazzles and who wants cheesy quavers not whether to go for a facial or a massage. Right now on the eve of the party I’m putting up ghostly decorations and hollowing out a pumpkin, not wondering if anyone bought me that handbag I desperately wanted. How things have changed…

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