There was a big moment in the Hanson household last Tuesday. My little girl started pre-school. How can that be? She’s only a baby, not even three yet. I knew that Lois would be fine. She’s confident, independent and will get on with painting and playing with the other children no problem, but I was an emotional wreck. I arrived to drop her off and checked that her hair was looking pretty, wiped her face and nose – first impressions count – and nervously, I walked her in. As it was mealtime, all the kids had their lunchboxes at the table and were busy munching. This is where I encounter problems. My daughter isn’t a big eater andof course will be drawn to crisps and cakes before fruit and veg. I currently send her off with strawberry jam sandwiches every day, which is better than six months ago, when she used to go with just bread and butter. It’s embarrassing because it looks like I don’t give her anything good to eat and I reckon there’s a certain amount of sandwich snobbery that goes on. Little Johnny has prawn and hummus on a bed of rocket, Tilly has an oak-smoked camembert and caramelised chutney nut wrap and Frankie brings her focaccia filled with quail breast, watercress and topped with a pomegranate jus. Then there’s my Lois with two slices of best of both filled with fruit and sugar.

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