Last night, a marker pen ruined my evening. The pen resulted in a trip to the hospital after my two year old managed to suck theink out of it. I try very hard to be vigilant about locking away cleaning products from my girl, so I panicked when, after just a couple of minutes in the kitchen, she came back into the living room with scribbles on her face and black ink in her mouth. I washed out as much ink as I could out, whipped her into the bathand made her clean her teeth. I thought that we had washed most of it out, but after just half an hour in bed, she woke up complaining of a tummy ache.
Of course, I frightened myself when I read online about what happens when little ones ingest permanent marker, so I rang the NHS for help. They instructed me to go to A&E and we raced there in no time. Lois was nearly asleep when we arrived and I was getting worried. Typically though, during the three-hour wait, she did perk up. Well, I say perk up because it quickly turned into her best night out ever. She watched ‘Finding Nemo’, which was playing on a screen in the waiting room, played with all sorts of toys and books, plus she went up and down the slide in A&E about a hundred times. It soon became apparent that she there was absolutely nothing wrong with her.  

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