Last week we went to the beautifully revamped Mayflower theatre in Southampton to see Horrible histories. I did wonder about taking a 6 year old and felt I’d gone the wrong way when she looked petrified before the performance had even begun as an axe went flying across the screen sending blood and guts everywhere.

But when the show got going she was soon laughing aloud at the bum jokes that come thick and fast. When you see one of fantastic shows be prepared for a song or two to get stuck in your head, whether it be the Henry VIII wives song or the Egyptian rap it will be an ear worm for at least a week. Also be aware that you will enjoy it totally and love all the grossness of it, it’s hilarious.

N.b. I did have to explain it was 500 years ago and executions don’t really happen now. ?‍♀️

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