How can yogurt cause so much carnage? This evening I set my 3 year old up with 2 yogurts and a spoon in the lounge and the iPad to watch more YouTube magiclip princess videos and went upstairs to dry my hair. I was joined by my daughter 5mins later absolutely covered in strawberry goo!
It was in her hair, all over her clothes and looked as if she’d got some yogurt gloves. I whipped her jumper off and used 14 packs of wipes to clean her up. But the scene that greeted me in the living room was
something else, she’d covered the sofas, carpet, table, chairs, dolls, a blow up boat, the tele and my iPad in the stuff. 
I couldn’t quite believe that there was so much yogurt in just 2 pots! She was sent to sit by the door and knew she was in trouble. But was it my fault? I’d sat her with a screen as a babysitter rather than me, as I was too busy? Should I have been with her at the table to eat dinner together? 

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