In just about a year my little one will be starting school and there seems to be a lot of ‘mum chat’ about it, everywhere I go. The question that comes up is where will you send her? Here’s my first point, I wasn’t aware that we got a choice, I thought you just went to the nearest and that was it?! There are 3 schools in our village, all of them seem fine, so which one do I go for? 1 is just 200 yards from home. 
I have this romantic idea of swishing along each day in the sunshine to pick up my cherub from her day spent being a genius when in actual fact it will be an awful sight, as I run in the rain wearing flip flops looking like a drowned rat, to pick up a little minx and her indecipherable paintings! 
Also, I’d like her to have her friends local, so we can bump into them at the shops or in the park….and so I’m not ferrying a 5 year old around everyday! 
Should I go along and have a look around on an open day and what should I be looking for? Is it similar to when you’re house hunting and you get a feeling from the right one? 
I’ve checked out all their websites, all much of a muchness, but one thing stood out. There was a post asking parents to leave the children’s PE kit in school, FOR AN ENTIRE TERM!!! What? Do they expect it to only be washed every 3 months?! 
Will she get on with the teachers? Will she get on with the other kids? Will I become mates with the others at the school gates? Will I break the rules and take her PE kit home for a wash? 

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  1. 40somethingsingleworkingmum
    40somethingsingleworkingmum says:

    Well I think you are in a envious position having a choice of 3 good schools in your area. We live opposite a school but there was no chance I was sending Missy there. The majority of pupils entered the school with little spoken English, which don’t get me wrong I am all for diversity but my daughter needed stimulation as quite bright and you can inky teach as fast as the slowest person. When I looked around the most popular school in our area I didn’t like the feel. Was too big and busy. My first choice school I loved the feel. It felt very cosy and all the pupils seemed to enjoy being there. It was only a one class intake so was quite small and although that changed last year I have no regrets in my choice of school. A biggy for me being a single working mum, as I’m sure is the same for you,s that our school offered breakfast club and after school club.
    Good luck on your search. You will get a feel for what’s right x

  2. Sarah kempton
    Sarah kempton says:

    Have a look at all 3 schools you will get a feel for the right one, when I was looking 13years ago I didn’t get that feeling from my nearest school at that time. I now work as a TA at one of your nearest schools and we send PE kit home every half term, if PE kit went home once a week it would never come back into school. Children only do PE twice a week and at 4/5 yrs they don’t sweat like us adults. Which ever school you pick Lois will make lots of new friends and thrive, and I’m sure you will make new friends too. ?


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