It broke my heart yesterday to have to tell my young daughter what happened to our pets, the tadpoles. We’ve had 100 of these things, they’ve all got names even though you can’t tell them apart, swimming around a bucket in the garden for a couple of months now. They’ve taught her life cycles and she’s enjoyed feeding them every day and watching them grow. But at the weekend I noticed that their numbers had diminished somewhat, with only 10 of them left.
From watching out of the window and seeing birds sat on the side of the tub I realised that when they come up to get some food our feathery friends were having them for lunch.
How do you tell a kid that their pet is no more? It’s awful. I tried to justify it with the circle of life, saying the baby sparrows we’d seen also needed feeding, but she was gutted, I was gutted too. We just want to see those funny little things grow into frogs and hop off. Maybe we’ll try again next year, but I don’t know if I can go through it again.

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