I had another attack of the ‘Bad mum’ last weekend. Me and my six month old daughter headed to Bournemouth beach for the air festival. Obviously I have to be organised, sun hat, check, factor fifty sun cream, check, change of clothes, check, formula milk…..no check. Oops. In the middle of a very long, hot day, I was scrambling around the changing bag trying to find an emergency carton that I was sure I’d put in the week before, but no sign. So I had to improvise, at dinner time, my little Lois had to get by on half a tin of egg custard and a bottle of water. Guilt ridden doesn’t even describe it.


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  1. boutiquebubs
    boutiquebubs says:

    Dont worry…Im the mum who always forgets the drink bottles or the snacks. Its an every day occurence for us….you know youv’e ran into trouble though when you also forget the Diapers!!


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