Let’s just have a little conversation about this woman who has tried to charge another mother £325 after a pair of boots got pen on them at a play date. Whaaaat? I’ve got too many questions, like why is a little girl wearing such expensive shoes if you’re going to be so prissy about it? Poor little mite apparently had some other shoes to wear outside in a bag with her, but the red footwear was “ruined” after she wore them to go and play. The three year old was probably so excited to go in the garden with her mates that she didn’t think about the consequences, of course she didn’t, she’s 3! 
There’s no kid in the world that doesn’t like going outside and getting muddy, so why not put them in cheap clothes or do what I do with my daughter when she’s caked in dirt from a run around the woods, strip her off beside the washing machine and chuck it all straight in. (I’d put little un in too if I could.)
Would you be annoyed if your child came home dirty? Would you stop them wearing shoes outside because they’re too expensive? 
I would suggest that she would be better off buying a doll that she can dress up and I will carry on putting my girl in the £10 outfit. And if we’re going to charge people for damage to property then I think I probably owe my mates a fair whack. 

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