My daughter just can’t queue, but let’s face it which 3 year old can? It’s approximately 2 nano seconds before she starts wriggling and jiggling about. So, rather than make the trip to Disneyland Paris, because I remembered how she gets ‘worn out’ after walking round the garden and gets all edgy, there’s no way she’d even make it through the gates without asking to go on my shoulders, I came across, what I now say is a genius idea. 
We went along to ‘Disney on Ice presents Frozen’ oh my goodness it was amazing. Not only did we get to see Anna and Elsa doing some amazing skating with a big snowman, but we couldn’t believe our eyes when lots of the other Disney characters came out too. Mickey Mouse and Minnie were there to introduce their friends, the princesses, buzz and Woody, they were all there, the 3 year olds couldn’t hide their utter joy and shouted “Snow White!” As she swooshed past. And of course because it’s on ice the kids thought they were right there in the Frozen story. Totally magical and not even a queue for the toilet, Disneyland can wait for a couple of years, she saw all of the best bits in one afternoon and could just about cope with it. 

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