I meant to update you on my first visit to look around a school for my little girl to start next year. I turned up all prepped and ready, appropriate ‘mumsy’ clothes, questions set to ask. We walked round the incredibly colourful classrooms filled with kids trying desperately to tow the line. I expected there to be hundreds of parents there, checking that their little darlings would have a dream education at the place, but no, it was me and two others – and therefore nowhere to hide. Leading the tour was the head teacher, who very obviously loved the school and her job. Now don’t forget, I get up before 5 in the morning and am running on empty by the afternoon, so booking on to a 2pm tour wasn’t my best move, especially when I was opening my mouth as much as it could and letting out the biggest loudest involuntary yawns ever. I bet the teachers can’t wait for parents evening where I fall asleep with my head on the table. 

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