For a few months now, I’ve been struggling sleep because my little un is up at least 4 times a night. I just can’t get past it. My 2 year old wakes up every couple of hours and wants milk and to get into ‘Mummy’s bed’. I have to admit giving in most times and running downstairs to get a bottle and letting her get under my duvet. But it’s so hard, I have to be up before 5am and so will do whatever is easiest to get through the night with the most amount of sleep. I tried my hardest to stop it this week and have a good night with Lois in her own bed and no demands for milk. Oh my goodness it was tough. She came into my room at 2am and tapped my face awake asking for a bottle. I had to tell her there was no milk, it had run out, milk had gone to bed as it was nightime. This was met with a meltdown of massive proportions and continued for over an hour. I tried to cuddle her and let her into my bed, to see if it would calm her down, but nothing worked. She’d cried herself awake and now wanted me to take her pyjamas off, which I did to appease her, but as soon as I had them off she wanted them back on. Through her sobs and screams I could hear a faint request to take them back off again. I had done all this in the dark and managed to put both her legs in one pyjama leg. The poor thing was flailing around like a mermaid.  

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