Apparently there are certain things that you should do as a mother at certain stages, but there’s so much to read and conflicting thoughts, I find it really hard to get a grip of it all.
I, like most mums, think that my daughter is pretty advanced, so I started weaning at 15 weeks, because there were so many voices in my ear saying I should. She didn’t want it though, I persevered for a couple of weeks with baby rice, but to no avail so I left it.
A month later I tried again, this time with vegetables and fruit. The carrots, cauliflower and broccoli went down a treat, but the fruit was tricky. She would eat a couple of spoonfuls of banana then turn away.
After a couple of days she would make what I call the lemon face at any kind of food at all. A mouthful of anything would make her scrunch her face up like she was sucking a lemon. Still I kept on with it.
The day I realised that it probably wasn’t doing the trick was after a tiny bit of banana. She pulled the lemon face as per, but started retching, out came the biggest amount of puke I’ve ever seen. It came in waves and just kept coming. I didn’t think that babies could carry that much liquid. I’ve left the banana alone since……

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