Disaster struck the Hanson household this week. After a lovely day at West End Carnival, enjoying the procession, grabbing a hotdog and going on the rides, I pushed my 2 year old daughter home in her buggy. She was fast asleep and so didn’t notice that she was missing her adored Teddy. He goes everywhere with her. He is her comfort, her pillow and her dress up dolly and he was nowhere to be seen. In a blind panic, I ran down the road to see if her little mate in a red jumper could be found. I even asked a neighbour to have a look, but nothing came back. Little un still hadn’t woken up and I wondered how I would rectify this situation. I found a couple of substitutes that would hopefully save me from the night from hell, knowing that the bear wearing the yellow jumper probably wouldn’t cut it. 
I emailed everyone I could, the parish council, the pub, the carnival committee and put a post on facebook pleading for the safe return of my daughters best mate. I was overwhelmed with the concern and response with lots of friends sharing the picture of the missing bear. I was nervous Sunday morning, but little un woke up and presumed that he was in the wash and carried on playing with her other toys. Then the message came. He’d been found. Through the power of social media a lovely girl had found him whilst on a dog walk and remembered seeing my facebook post the night before. I was ecstatic, but obviously not outwardly, so Lois didn’t know there was an issue. Not only had she found beloved teddy, she’d taken lots of pictures of his little holiday, reading a book, having breakfast and snuggling up to their dog. My faith in humanity has been restored. 

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  1. Hazel
    Hazel says:

    I was only happy to help Zoe. Was on a mission to find teddy once I saw your post online!Loved seeing your daughter and ted getting reunited!! Such a special moment!
    And to then find out you are Zoe who I’ve always loved on the radio! And hearing you tell the tale of teds adventure the next day was amazing! Xx


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