I’ve always seen Halloween as an American thing, but over here it gets bigger and bigger every year. I try to resist but then I am guilty of seeing a band wagon and jumping on it. I’ve never carved a pumpkin in my life, but this week, my two-year-old daughter Lois invited her mate Violet over for an afternoon and I thought it would be a good activity to do with them. I sat them at the kitchen table with spoons at the ready to scoop out the fruit. Oh my goodness, how hard is that? Once I got the knife in to cut the lid, I realised that the little ones would have no chance, so they had to sit quietly while I refused to be defeated by the big ball of orange. I could see their frustration at not doing anything and I was desperately trying to think of something that wouldn’t involve a knife, so I gave them a pen each to scribble some hair on the pumpkin. When they’d finished and I stood back to admire my handy work, the girls had raced off to the living room to finish watching ‘Frozen’. Next year I’ll buy a plastic one, it’ll be much easier.  

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