I’ve just chucked out 40 bras! 40 bras from a pre-baby time, that I’ve kept, thinking that my body, at some point will go back to its original shape.
Ha, no such luck, she’s nearly 5 years old and I’m still trying to lose the pregnancy weight. I feel sick when I see celebs snapping back into shape within 3 seconds of popping a sprog.
And pining for a time when everything stayed up and didn’t head south when naked, oh apart from my belly which sticks out so much it looks like I’m a couple of months gone. I’ve got a dress hung up in the wardrobe, it’s my goal dress, strapless, gorgeous blue dress is ready to go when I lose a couple of stone.
So the question is, do I keep it or have a clear out, I think I’ll be in my 60’s by the time I get in it?

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