Have people always sent cards to their children for Valentine’s Day? Is this a new thing or something my parents just didn’t join in with? As well as being made to feel sick with all the couple pictures on social media (love them so much? Tell them face to face maybe?) it’s now de rigueur to get your kids in on the act too. Although I doubt my 4 year old would be very impressed with flowers and a poem that I’d written about her. But it’s exactly that I’ve seen on Twitter this morning! 
Mums and Dads going over the top almost like their kid has a second birthday on 14th February. C’mon people stop, let’s get back to that day being about sending your crush a cheeky card to make them feel loved, nothing more, stop spooling it. And don’t get me started on dad’s taking daughters on “dates” 

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  1. Cherry Reece
    Cherry Reece says:

    Well said Zoe. It is ridiculous to bring children into this. In my youth you sent an anonymous Valentine’s card to someone you would like to go out with. Their job was to work out who had sent the card, then you hoped a date might come from it. To this day I still put question marks on my husbands card, and we have been married for 50 years. (I think he has guessed it’s me though!!!!)


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