Approximately once a day, it does cross my mind that I’m a bad mum, but today that thought won’t leave. I am a terrible mother today. I’m that awful, I thought twice about telling u this. 

Lately my 2 year old has been testing me and trying my patience, I mean, really trying, especially at bedtime. She knows which pitch of cry will make me come running, what to say and how long to say it. I normally leave her for 10 minutes to settle herself, then I got up and sort her out. However, every few months we have a ‘draw a line in the sand, mummy’s not going to crumble’ evening. 

Last night we started the bedtime routine, brush teeth, then jump into mummy’s bed for a story, or 15, which she has to go and get of course, then it’s her choice as to whether I carry her to her own bed or if she carries teddy and blanket in there herself. She climbs in and I do up the sleeping bag, make sure that she has teddy and blanket beside, kiss her head, tell her I love her and leave the room.

After the 3rd call to her room last night, I had enough and decided to stay downstairs until she settled herself. After 20 minutes, she was shouting for me, but I thought that it was just a little attention grabbing thing. I should have paid more attention. The stench of puke when I walked into her room this morning was unbelievable. I could only be in there for a few seconds. It was dark so I couldn’t see that it had all gone everywhere, poor little mite must’ve thrown up everything she ate this weekend. And I’d left her to sleep in it.

What do you do, leave them to cry and end up with them sleeping in a sea of sick, or risk making them spoilt and having to run after their every whim?

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    aw mate. That sounds tough. If it helps I remember telling my mum I felt poorly. She ignored me. I was sick everywhere at pre-school. She was mortified. But I don’t hold it against her 😉 xx


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