Does anyone else find it a bit weird that an air freshener company has bought out a range that will bring the smells of the outside inside? They’ve apparently recreated the scent from our national parks like the Brecon Beacons and the Peak district and now your living room can have the same aroma. Isn’t it just fresh air? If that’s what you want, just open a window. I do however like the thought of ‘real’ smelling fresheners. I would definitely go for a plug in that would send a whaft of bacon around my bedroom. Or how about a spray of the smell of freshly baked bread in your loo, or everyone’s favourite, the scent of a baby’s head in the kitchen. I think I might ring the company with some suggestions.
In Bristol last weekend they gave one of their streets an amazing makeover, with cars banned, they set up a slip and slide for the length of the hill. The Park Street ‘Park and slide’ was so popular 96,000 people applied to go on it. Well, who wouldn’t want to go on a water slide in the middle of the city? I think we should take the idea on a little bit, instead of cycle lanes, cover them in tarpaulin, send water and fairy liquid down it and you’ve got the most fun journey to work.

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