Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat…….and my bank balance is going down, my five year old has asked for one thing over and over again, an LOL big surprise! I try and tempt her with other things but that little bleeder keeps coming up.
It’s a big plastic box with 3 dolls no bigger than your hand and an array of clothes and accessories for them. What are you thinking, tenner, twenty at most? Nope the thing my little darling wants most is £85! Oh my goodness, Is this really what people were talking about when they said kids were expensive? £85 is a weekend away, not a couple of plastic girls that will get lost in the toy box in minutes (am I doing a good job of talking myself out of this?) but what about Christmas Day, when I get the sad face cos there was no ‘big surprise’ under the tree?
Ok, I’ll make a deal, if it’s under a fiver after Christmas she can have it for her birthday.

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