I’ve just been to pick up my beautiful top of the range Toyota Yaris from Snows Toyota (I have to remember it’s not mine). Before I had a child I had no idea how that can incur on your life, but yes even picking up a vehicle took 10 times as long, with an excited 4 year old asking how long it’s going to take, what the man’s name is, how much longer, can I have your phone mummy, how much longer and can I drive it please mummy?? 
I knew it was going to be hard work with my daughter trying to catch my attention at every opportunity, so I’d gone ready loaded to the plush showroom loaded with kids snacks it was similar to feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square as I passed haribo to her like they were going out of fashion, just so I could hear how a hybrid works. 
All done though and with my head full of instructions I drove away from there all chuffed, with my brand spanking new Toyota feeling more ‘earth mother’ than swampy the tree hugging protester with my hybrid.

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