I was in total shock this week when I opened my latest phone bill to find it was almost £200 higher than normal. Apparently it was due to data calls, so I rang the mobile company and found out it’s when I used 3G. It’s not like I’ve been using the map or playing games away from the house, but I think I may know the culprit. My lovely darling two-year-old daughter is obsessed with going on YouTube to watch videos of, get this, people opening prize eggs! Yes, she would sit there all day if I let her, watching a screen of grown adults unwrapping Kinder eggs and building the prizes inside. And it’s not just her. I’ve caught a glimpse of her little mates doing the same. It’s a whole new world for me. These films have had literally millions of views. Who knew it was so popular? Am I ok to keep her birthday money to cover costs?  

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