Nans always come into their own at this time of year when they’ve had a little drink. My daughters Nan was the quizmaster on Christmas evening, only problem being because the questions were in black on red card, she couldn’t read the answers! That made for some loud debate.
I remember very fondly my own Nans at this time of year, one of them forgetting that she’d put 10 Christmas jumper presents inside mine and looking for them all afternoon and the other making inappropriate remarks about how bright my dads new pants were! (Cor, we’ll see you coming in those!?‍♀️)
I reckon my mates grandma took the biscuit this year, when during the mouth guard game, where you have to try and say the phrase that’s on the card with that stupid bit of plastic in your gob, she had trouble keeping her false teeth in and they fell right out of her mouth.

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