There was so much excitement on the way to the King’s theatre, Southsea for the opening night of Madagascar The Musical, with two 5 year olds armed with a bag of malteasers and little flutters of “I like to move it, move it!” And it didn’t disappoint.
The show follows the same story as the film, but with fantastic songs thrown into the mix, that I found almost familiar and had me mouthing the words in seconds( I wouldn’t want to sing out loud and get thrown out). Alex and his friends are wonderful and hilarious as they first try to get out of the zoo and then their way home.
I can honestly say I’ve never found a lion as attractive as Matt Terry in the lead role. And the penguins dressed as Nuns had me rolling. The staging, the acting, the singing and dancing make this a fabulous night out. Top show, I can’t praise it enough.

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