I used to really enjoy jumping in the car and heading off to a mates place for a weekend. Oh how things have changed. Last Friday I was heading to my friend’s house for an overnight stay after a 2 hour journey. The preparation started on Wednesday, packing the bags with clothes and shoes for whichever weather might happen, extra dresses for any accidents that may occur and about 50 thousand toys. On Friday afternoon we set off, fairly hastily as I was trying to beat the Friday afternoon London traffic. 


After 10 minutes driving I realised I didn’t have my phone with me, turned the car around and went back to get it. No bother, just running 20 minutes behind schedule. But we had to return to the house once more when a very tired 2 year old started crying and whinging, then screaming, for milk, teddy and blanket. I need a bed a and a duvet to go to sleep, but these are the utensils that my little un need to catch some zeds. Rather than have my ears bleed I went back to collect the evil bear and the drink for her.


Running 40 minutes behind schedule. We were making good time but then we hit some traffic, no worries, but I started to feel like I needed a wee. Once the thought is in my mind I can’t shift it, but my girl was now asleep and so I didn’t want to stop and wake her up so just kept on trucking. 


50 minutes behind schedule. Lois had woken up and I was pacifying her by passing her little bits of rice crispy squares to eat. She does a weird thing with her food, she takes a mouthful, chews it, but keeps the food in her mouth. She then puts more in her mouth until she can’t fit anymore in, then tries to swallow the lot, at which point she gags on it and spits it out. Most of the time she gags a bit then coughs, all good, but on this occasion, her gag became a full blown puke. I could hear the waves of it coming out of her mouth and going everywhere. I pulled the car to the side of the road, making other drivers wonder what was going on and ran round to get her out. I was greeted with a scene of carnage. Old milk, bread, carrots, ham and rice crispy squares were everywhere and it was stinking. I took my little girl out of the car and put her down on the pavement barefoot and got her out of her lovely pretty dress.


Now standing on the path in just a nappy she couldn’t resist the chance to chase after a dog and pick daisies while I used up all of the wipes I had left to try and clean up. With no more left in the packet I had no other choice than to continue the journey with all the windows down to try and get rid of the smell from the remnants. I can bear witness to the fact that a sunny hot day does not help a car stinking of sick…..


90 minutes behind schedule. I pull up at my mates house and can’t get out of the smelly vehicle quick enough



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