My daughter slurps her milk and says “ahh” after gulping it down like a grandma with a cup of tea. Nothing grates on me as much as hearing someone eating. The chewing, the champing, the smacking of the lips all do my brain in. Whilst living at home with my folks I couldn’t even wolf down breakfast in the same room as anyone else…and now I have a 3 year old who is the noisiest eater, in the world, ever! 
Even as a baby she would suck her milk from the bottle at 109 decibels but listening to her get through a bowl of ‘Disney princess pasta’ pierces my ears! Eating a bag of wotsits it feels like she makes about 54 crunches or ‘thunderclaps’ on each crisp. But the worst is when she has a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese and chomps her way through, smacking her lips, eeuuurrrggghhh makes me want to scream. Even the clang of the spoon on her teeth as she sucks up a yogurt gets to me. I’m sure she does it to wind me up! 

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