Being a single mum, I’ve been searching for some sort of exercise that I can do with my little one in tow. I don’t like the gym as she’d have to go in a crèche and it would be boring for her. 
I used to play hockey, but that would be a little difficult with a two year old screaming for teddy from the sidelines. So I bought a bike, a lovely shiny red bike with a child seat on the back. We put on our coats and shoes, ready for its inaugural ride. We took the cycle helmets out of their boxes and put them on our heads. Mine stayed on, but Lois’ didn’t. It fell down off her face straight away. My daughter is a little dot. 
Even though she is two-and-a-half, she still wears clothes for a one year old, so the toddler bike helmet was way too big for her. Never mind, with a bit of determination to get on the bike, I found a solution with the bike helmet. I just had to fill it out a little more. So when you see a girl wearing a woolly bobble hat under her cycle helmet, you’ll know it’s us.

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