I’ve already covered off that my daughter doesn’t like me going out on my own, she thinks she’s missing out on a party. It’s been suggested that I take her to too many fun things and so she thinks she’s missing out when I leave her at home, get my gladrags on and head out the door.
So I decided to find something that I can use as an excuse why I’m leaving the house and I found the perfect place this week. On Sunday morning I took her along to a church service, I thought it was pretty good, it was harvest festival there was loads going on and with all the singing I really enjoyed it, my daughter on the other hand did not and sat with a pouty, sulky face for the entire service.
I lost count of the amount of times she said “I am so bored” I had to resist the urge to do something about that boredom because I knew it would come good in the end.
In a conversation in the car on the way home I asked her if she would like to come to church again or if I should get someone to look after her when I was going next time. She plumped for staying at home with someone else. Winner! Let’s see what she thinks of my next trip to the church on a Saturday night with a full face of makeup.

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