Having had a lovely week away in Cyprus last week and making the most of the all-inclusive buffet, I was dreading getting on the scales.There were 8 of us away together and it really shouldn’t have been a competition as to who could fill their plate the highest but it turned into that. And I just couldn’t resist going up again if I spotted something lovely on their plate that I hadn’t tasted.
Half a stone! Half a stone! Wow I really went for it! So now I’m back on the diets and trying to do lots of exercise to shift my extra timber. This week, I’ve been for a run, played hockey and done a dance exercise class. But all these things make me extra hungry so when I got home one night I went on the search for a bit of chocolate.
There must be some in the house, I’ve got a 3-year-old, so I’m always squirrellingsome away in places she won’t find it. What a bonus when I managed to find an Easter egg in the garage, I couldn’t get it out of the foil quick enough to stuff in my face.

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