What an absolute quagmire is trying to sort out a sixth birthday party! With a month ago I asked my daughter which six friends she would like to have to the party, she came up with the six so quickly that we put the numbers up to 8, then after delivering the invitations to her classmates she came home and asked if she could invite three more people, then another two. With one dropout it dawned on me that I had put myself up for having 12 children at my house, and not only that I HAD TO ENTERTAIN THEM!
My little one had decided on a craft party at home and that’s fairly simple to do if you’ve only got six people round but when is 12 it becomes a bit tricky. I went to the shop and found what I thought would be appropriate, there were little unicorn bags that they could colour and then take home, there were pom-poms to be made and a new version of pin the tail on the donkey, put the starfish next to the mermaid (yeah I didn’t understand that one either) all of these activities are fabulous for girls, but we had two boys coming, so I went to the shop to see what they had that wasn’t sparkly, pink or unicorny. Nope, there is nothing for the lads is the very simple answer, not even a ceramic Power Ranger to paint.
The day of the party and I was nervous, I was also full of neurofen just in case. Furniture had been moved around, crafts laid out in their little stations and we were ready to go. A friend and I welcomed 12 little darlings into my house and to be fair they were very good, coloured in their bags, made pom-poms and ate hotdogs, apart from the boys, I just put them near to the Lego for the whole two hours.
Everyone said I was mad to do it at home with so many children, but you know what I really enjoyed it and I felt like I had to do it, just once in my life time, a traditional party at home with pass the parcel, cute.
Would you do it at home or would you prefer that they made a mess somewhere else? I’d love to know about your experiences.

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  1. Claire
    Claire says:

    I’ve done a mixture of home, hired halls and play centre etc.. parties. We’ve had bouncy castles, magicians, hired a princess entertainer, wonderland in Bournemouth, days out, BBQ and even once a beach party. I’ve 2 girls and 2 boys so we have had some adventures. The important theme for it all was what they wanted. I love seeing their face when they see their cakes (mostly specially made to match the theme), and seeing them having fun with their friends! I must secretly admit I’m quite happy when someone else gets to clean up the mess!


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