Have you ever had a nightmare with kids presents? Did you get the wrong batteries or none at all and have to cope with a distraught child?
Since last Christmas my 4 year old daughter has been going on about getting a hatchimal, but because they were last years ‘must have’ they were in the shops for £80.
So when I saw one in the summer for £45, I thought, bargain! I’ve got it and wrapped it ready for the 25th and then read a story in the paper this week that sent me into a panic.
A woman bought one of these toys that you can’t see until it’s hatched and quickly realised it was fake when the bird that came from the egg didn’t have any feathers and rather than it making cutesie noises it rather sounded like it was having sex!
I have hatched (excuse the pun) a cunning plan, bought another ready for it to be substituted on Christmas Day, should said bird be a rude one.
I can just imagine the meltdown as it’s nothing like she wanted and have a vision of me banging on the toy shop window for 2 days, hoping that they’ll save me!

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